best body spray for men

Today, we are going to talk about best body spray for men. We always talk about best things for women that help them to look more attractive and feel fresh all day but now in today’s era men also start to give important to their appearance and for that smelling nice is one of the most important thing. There are many body spray available in market but following sprays will have these qualities:-

  • long lasting smell
  • budget friendly
  • great smell
  • always keep your feel fresh
  • Make you more attractive
  • no Irritation and body acne
  • no sweat smell

best body spray for men:-

1) Nivea Deep Impact Freshness Deodorant For Men:-

You must have thought that we were going to talk about body spray then why deodorant because both are same thing body spray is part of deodorant that stay on your body for short time and remove odour and sweat smell for short time only but deodorant will help you to deal with root cause and will stay on your body for long lasting.

This deodorant contains 0% alcohol that’s why it is totally safe for your body. Many deodorants contains alcohol that makes your skin color dark. The second reason why this deo is good for you is that this is anti perspirant deodorant means it will not allow sweat to come on your body very soon. It will control your sweat very effectively. Upto 48 hours it will work as anti-perspirant and this is also a very good feature of this deodorant because in summers body sweat very much when we go outside due to warn air and heat. Third reason why you should purchase this deo is it’s fragrance. Its fragrance is like black carbon. Fragrance of this deo is very good, masculine, and strong. if we talk about price of this deo then you will get this easily under rupees 250.

2) Lomani El Paso Deodorant Spray:-

Lomani is a brand that give very nostalgia ( feeling happy and like when somebody feel sad to remember past) like feeling. This brand is very popular among people for it’s effective products. Fragrance of this spray is really very different from other body sprays.

From starting Lomani is well known brand for it’s affordable and long lasting deodorants. Deodorant variant that we are discussing today of this brand is El Paso. Smell of this deo is neither strong nor mild but it will stay long lasting on your body. It will going to be best deodorant for daily use. If you are looking deodorant for daily use then you should try this once. You will like it a lot.

3) Fogg Marco Body Spray For Men:-

Packaging of this body spray is very attractive. At the time of purchasing it will give you a feeling like king as there is a beautiful white color crown type picture made on the black bottle of this spray.

This is also very popular variant of Fogg among boys. Deodorant of Fogg is quiet popular in Indian market because they provides you long lasting fragrance and having no gas inside them. People like to purchase without gas Deodorants because you will get extra quantity in them. If the quantity of gas will be low then you will get more liquid.

If we talk about fragrance of this spray then it is very intense and strong. You will like it. You can use this deodorant for daily use as well as at the time of gym because it will control your body odors for 3-4 hours. If we talk about price of this body spray then you will easily get this under 250 rupees in Indian market.

4) Yardley London Gold Body Spray for Men:-

Yardley is very popular brand for female deodorants but they have also having amazing range for men specially this mentioned body spray. If we talk about instant feeling after spraying this deo on your body then it is having super strong smell and masculine fragrance. You will really like it a lot. Lasting of this spray is also very amazing without any doubt.

This brand delivers international quality to you that’s why If we talk about Deodorants of this company then you will going to get very fine quality. Smell of this deodorant is strongest from all deodorants that mentioned here. If you feel like you need a long lasting smell deodorant then you should go for this one. The fragrance of this spray is not going to be heavy on your head. It has subtle fragrance but very strong.

5) Denver Black Code Deodorant Body Spray:-

This is a very popular brand and also very famous in Indian market because of it’s affordable prices. Fragrance of this deodorant is very good. After applying it on your body you will feel like woody instantly that will gives you a very fresh and sensual feeling all day.

This deodorant is very good and refreshing for daily usage. It provides you 4-5 hours lasting with a very fresh fragrance. After few hours after applying you will get woody like feeling in your body but instantly you will start to feel very fresh. If we talk about pricing then under 250 rupees you will easily get this body spray in Indian markets.

6) Beardo Mafia Perfume Body Spray:-

This is also a very good option to purchase for deodorants. This body spray does not contain any gas inside it. Best thing in this deo is that it has very strong fragrance. After applying instantly you will get masculine feeling and gut feeling.

As it’s name shown mafia that exactly feel you will get after applying this on your body. Fragrance of this deo is very addictive. If you will apply this, you will also feel very fresh and refreshing. This body spray is very good for daily usage as well as at the time of gym. There is no gas inside this deo because formula that used at the time of preparing this deo is without gas and that’s why you will also get good quantity of this deodorant.

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