best foundation for dry skin

If you have dry skin and you like to do makeup then do not skip this because today I am going to explain you best foundations for dry skin that will make your skin hydrating, flawless, and super shiny.

For dry skin people it will become very hard for them to make a proper and attractive make base on their face and in this process foundation plays a very important role because if foundation will be not suitable then makeup will be seem cracky on face and it will not set properly. Foundations for dry skin people will include more watery and hydrating ingredients so that it will be suitable for skin. If you have oily skin then I will recommend you to not use the mentioned foundations because it can make your skin more oily and ruin your makeup.

Before getting start I want to share with you some tips for your face and makeup:-

1) Before applying any makeup on your face make sure to apply a thick moisturizer on your face so that it can remove dryness of your face and make it smooth. I am recommending thick moisturizer to you because it stays long lasting on face and help makeup to remain same on your face for longer period.

2) After applying moisturizer, make sure to apply hydrating primer on your face. It will help you to make your skin hydrating and shiny. If you will use mattifying primer then it will not set properly on your face because main work of mattifying primer is to remove oil from your skin and because you have dry skin then it will not be able to do it’s work properly that’s why mattifying primer is for oily and normal skin people and because you skin type is dry then you must use hydrating primer.

Let’s talk about best foundation for dry skin (all foundations will be full coverage foundation):-

1) SUGAR Cosmetics Ace Of Face Foundation Stick:-

This is one of the best foundation for dry skin people. May be you will hesitate at somewhere in your mind at the time of buying because mostly people believe that stick foundation will be best suitable for normal and oily skin but it is totally myth. SUGAR Cosmetics Ace Of Face Foundation is available in stick form and dry skin people who have already used it have shown positive results on this. This foundation will gives you a very healthy gorgeous look at your face. This stick is only made for dry skin people because it provides skin some extra hydration to remove all dryness from your face.

2) Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation:-

As the name suggests this foundation is made by Milani company which is one the most trusted Italian company for cosmetic products. That’s why you can buy this foundation without any hesitation. This foundation is easily available in India. You can buy it online and offline both. The best thing of this foundation is after applying this foundation you have no need to apply concealer on your face because this foundation also fulfill the all requirements of concealer on your face. If you buy this foundation then you can save your concealer expenses. This is very very good option for dry skin people.

3) Revlon Colorstay Matte Finish Makeup Normal/Dry Skin:-

This is also best foundation for dry skin people but at the time of buying this foundation make sure to buy for dry skin because company has launched this foundation for both dry and oily skin people. Sometimes people think that this foundation is only for dry skin people but by mistake they purchase the foundation for oily skin and it will waste their money as well as their makeup will not set properly. Make sure to read “for normal and dry skin people” at the bottle of foundation before purchasing. This is very good foundation a small amount of this foundation will be enough to make your face super attractive and glossy.

4) PAC HD Liquid Foundation:-

The texture and consistency of this foundation is liquid. This is also one of the great foundation for dry skin people as liquid foundation is only made for dry skin people. The best thing of this foundation is this foundation provides your face HD look means this foundation helps your face to more enhance your looks. This is full coverage foundation means after applying this your pimples and dark spots will all hide under this and provides you a clear and clear glossy look.

5)  Lakmé Absolute Argan Oil Serum Foundation:-

This can also be a good option for dry skin people to include it in their makeup routine. This product is mixture of both serum and foundation that’s why you do not need to use serum on your face at the time of using this foundation. As the name suggest “Argan oil serum foundation” it will only for dry skin people specially. Lakme is good brand in India. You can buying it’s product without any hesitation. It will be proved as definitely good for you.

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