best hair serum for women

These days, people prefer hair serum instead of hair oil when they go outside because serum make hairs shiny, hydrating, good looking, and non sticky. Today, in this article we are going to talk about best serums that will make your hairs healthy and shiny without any harm. All mentioned serums will be chemical free and highly effective at affordable cost. If you are also looking for a good hair serum then you can select one from here.

Let’s understand first why you should use hair serum:-

  • gives you non sticky hair
  • moisturize your hairs properly
  • make your hairs managable (In case of heavy volume)
  • make hairs instant shiny and smooth
  • controls breakage in your hairs
  • make hair detangle

best hair serum for women

1) mCaffeine Hair Serum for Hair Fall Control for Men & Women | Lightweight & Non Sticky Serum with Walnut Oil & Argan Oil | SLS & Paraben Free

There are many reasons why I put this serum on first priority. First is it’s ingredients. You will get three major ingredients in this serum that are coffee oil, argon oil, and walnut oil. All these ingredients work together and control fizziness and stop breakage in your hairs. Coffee works to add strengthens in your hairs and argon helps you to provide well enough nourishment to your hairs. This serum will not let your hair breakdown and sticky. Along with this it will also help you to detangle your puzzled hairs properly.

Second reason why this serum is on first priority is it’s ratings and reviews from the customers. Users of this serum are actually very happy from this. This serum is 100% natural without any type of harmful chemical. That’s why you can use it without any hesitation. This serum is for all hair type. Any hair type person can use it. It will make your hair super shiny, smooth, and manageable.

2) Jovees Herbal Hair Serum Grape Seed and Almond | For Frizzy Hair | Prevents Hairfall | For Men & Women 

Specialty of this hair serum is this serum include all plant based ingredients. If we talk about some major ingredients then you will get grape seed oil, almond oil, and many more herbal oils. In this serum you will not get any type of ingredient that will herm your hair.

After applying this you will not feel like you applied something in your hairs. It is totally water based formula. Another good work that this serum do in our hair is to moisturize them properly and make them shiny instantly.

This serum will also protect you from external factors for example when you go outside it will protect your hairs from dust, dirt, pollution, harmful sun rays, heat, and humidity. This serum will protect your hairs full day. It will also reverse the damages that we get after styling our hairs for example straightening. If you will apply this serum after straighten your hairs then it will repair all the damages that you got after straightening. Along with this it will also help you to stop breakage in your hairs and make them moisturized, manageable and detangle them. Basically, this is a complete package of herbal hair serum and gives you very good results.

3) Streax Professional Canvoline Straightening Post Care Hair Serum

The whole line of canvoline products are specially made for chemical treated products. If your hairs are chemically damaged ( like straightening, smoothing, keratin, hair color) then you should try this serum. It will help your hairs to repair them back. You can use it. It is a sulphate and paraben free serum. It will make your hairs smooth, shiny, non sticky, and manageable.

This serum is also for all hair type people. That’s why anyone can use it but this is more for straighten hairs. If you never have any type of chemical treatment in your life then also you can use it but if you have then you will get to see more good results because it also works as a damage repair in your hairs.

4) MAMAEARTH Onion Hair Serum For Silky & Smooth Hair, Tames Frizzy Hair, with Onion & Biotin for Strong, Tangle Free & Frizz-Free Hair 

mama earth is also a very good and popular brand and also well known for its effective herbal hair care products in the market. In this serum you will get two major ingredients first is onion and second is biotin. onion is rich in sulphur and that’s why onion help you to stop breakage in hairs and increase the growth of hairs. Biotin helps to improve the texture and quality of hairs. When we mix both ingredients they make a extremely high effective hair serum that will make your hairs super smooth, shiny, and non sticky. Along with this, this serum will also help you to control frizz in your hairs. Basically this is a herbal product that suits to all hair type people.

5) Khadi Natural Herbal Hair Serum

khadi natural is a well known brand for it’s herbal hair care product among people. Products of khadi natural are extremely good, effective, and herbal. If we talk about this particular hair serum then this is a anti-thinning and anti-hair fall serum. Along with this if you have a dandruff problem then it will also work on that and remove dandruff from your hairs. This serum is also for all hair type. If you have dry hairs, oily hairs, and sensitive hairs. you can use it without any type of hesitation. this is 100% chemical free serum and also work on fizziness and split ends in your hairs.

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