best lip balm for dark lips

Today, In this article we are going to talk about best lip balm for dark lips that will make your lips super soft, hydrated, glossy, and naturally pink. So let’s get started:-

1) Nivea Original Care Lip Balm:-

It will not be wrong to say that this is one of the most favorite lip balm of people in India. Whenever somebody feels their lip dry weather it is man or woman then they directly come and buy this lip balm and get best results.

This lip balm works to give melting moisturize to you lips so that they can be hydrated for 24 hours. If we talk about major ingredients of this lip balm then you will get natural oil and shea butter in this that provides very good moisturizer to your lips. The best thing of this lip balm is it will lock moisturizer on your lips and that’s why you will feel your lips more hydrated for longer time.

You will get melted butter moisturizer in this lip balm and because of that you will no need to apply this lip balm again and again on your lips because melted butter will moisturize your lips very deeply. Nivea has launched many lip balms in market but this lip balm will be best for you if you want long lasting moisturizer on your lips.

2) Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Lip Moisturizer For Dry Lip:-

Neutrogena is known for it’s best product that delivers international quality and this lip balm is one of the best lip balm in the market. In this lip balm you will also get SPF 15 means this lip balm will also protect your lips from sunrays for getting more dark.

If your lips are extremely dry then you should buy this. You will never disappoint after purchasing this. This lip balm make sure that if you apply this one time then you will no need to re-apply it very soon. This lip balm is best suitable for extremely dry, severe chapped lips, and damaged lips.

3) Sugar Tipsy Lips Moisturizing Balm – 03 Pinacolada:-

As the name suggest, this lip balm comes with a very attractive flavor. Name of this lip balm has been put on the basis of a mocktail drink that will be very yummy and amazing. If we talk about major ingredients of this lip balm then you will get vitamin D, shea butter, and jojoba oil that will lock moisturizer on your lips very long and comes in a very attractive flavor.

This lip balm will not give any color to your lips but moisturize your lips very well. Along with this you will get SPF in this lip balm that will protect your lips from tanning and pigmentation. Dark lips are very common because of sun rays that’s why If you use this lip balm before going outside then it will protect you from external environment as well as from sun rays. This lip balm will seal moisturizer on your lips for longer period and repair them very well.

4) Himalaya Rich Cocoa Butter Lip Care Lip Balm:-

Cocoa butter is very good for our lips because it gives our lip long lasting moisture and Himalaya used cocoa butter as its major ingredient in this lip balm. This lip balm will help you to provide a very rich texture to your lips and make them glossy and hydrated for long time.

If you have dry, damaged and chapped lips then also this lip balm will be very good for you. It will provide you instant relief to your lips. If you want a lip balm that has coco fragrance inside it then this lip balm will be very amazing for you because cocoa butter is major ingredient in this lip balm and that’s why there is very strong coco smell present in it.

This lip balm is 100% natural that’s why it is suitable for all type people (including sensitive lips). Any lip type person (oily lips, dry lips, normal lips, dark lips, sensitive lips) can use this because there is not any harmful chemical present in it.

5) Lakme Lip Love Chapstick Pure Lip Care SPF15:-

This lip balm is non-tinted ( does not provide any color to your lips) and specially made for winter season because in winter season lips become more dry that’s why this lip balm will provide you extra deep nourishment to your lips.

In this lip balm you will get 22 hours moisture along with SPF 15 that will properly prevent your lips from sun tan and make them more bright. The texture of this lip balm is very buttery. After applying this, you will feel your lips instant smooth. It will heal your dry and chapped lips instantly after applying. This lip balm will make sure that your lips will never get dry so soon.

6) Biotique Bio Fruit Lip Balm:-

If you have pigmentation problem on your lips then this lip balm is best for you. You should definitely go for this lip balm because it will remove your pigmentation problem properly from your lips. Along with this, it will also provide deep moisture to your lips to make them long lasting hydrated.

If we talk about major ingredients in this lip balm then you will get fruit extracts and essential oils that will provide you amazing moisturizer and work on pigmentation problem on your lips. This biotique lip balm is very iconic and delivers best quality to your lips and also it is 100% herbal that’s why you can use it without any hesitation.

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